STARS WARS & Apothic RED, Wine Party

The  Premier of Star Wars has creped onto the BIG SCREENS! No Spoilers here!

I just happen to be invited to a gathering at “The American Store According to Charles” for a  Star Wars/ Wine Party on December 15th 2015.


Kevin Lee, Me and Petra! Who doesn’t like Vlasic Pickles?!?

Now, if you have NEVER been to this store, take some time and GO!
If you are missing some of your favourite Stateside items and nibbles, they have it here! I was even more surprised at the variety of  food, candy and sundry in the wonderful store.




Charles is the owner and a New Yorker (YAAY!) and understands how it is to miss your favourite things and not be able to find them. Well, I think you will definitely find it here!!

The BONUS this night along with the Star Wars theme, was the presentation of a Wine called APOTHIC RED. “Discover The Dark Side”.
2015-12-15 20.20.10
This wine is from California and was introduced by Anna Spendrup. Name sound familiar? It should. The family owned Sprendrup Brewery are taking it forward with their sister company called Spring Wine & Spirits.
In my humble opinion, this wine has a smooth, dark red, fruity flavour that isn’t overpowering. It would pair wonderfully with a nice steak or even a beefy sirloin burger because there is no fight for who’s flavour will take over. It also tastes lovely all by itself.

I am sure that  many of you have seen “Star Wars” at least twice by now, and are already planning a New Years Eve film time. Well, treat yourselves and guests to some great snacks from The American Store, or even a cozy dinner with a glass of Apothic RED.
Then, ring in the New Year with Star Wars:The Force Awakens!

“May the Force Be With You”.
…..It had to be said.