A Published Photographer, constant traveller, writer, baking enthusiast, and professional singer, Germaine Thomas was born and raised in New York City and has lived in Stockholm Sweden for more than a decade. Photography being her main focus and one of her deepest passions, Germaine decided to start her own website to bring all these talents to one place.

Germaine Thomas

Germaine Thomas

More about me:

A long time ago, I became interested in Photography not for the beauty or for the colour or for the convenience butI became interested because it “captured” a memory.

In a single photo, you have captured minutes and even hours of conversation of what went on before, during and after the photo was taken, as well as the occasion for that day or moment.  It’s like a Dreamcatcher that was created for filtering your bad dreams away and allow the good dreams to pass through, the photo would allow a burst of thoughts, dreams and conversations, laughter and sadness and imagination to seep out like a sweet, familiar aroma wafting in the air as you reminisce and reflect. All of your senses remember that moment with bright and dark colours and with a warm heart and cold chills. A visual impression stirs the senses…reminds us of the feeling, the emotion, the value of the precious time that was captured in a simple photograph.

I wanted to do that. I wanted to capture the moments because ALL moments have value.

I received my first 35mm as a birthday gift from my Father when I was 14. I STILL have it in my possession. A  Sears KS-1 35mm camera! When I decided to give myself a name it didn’t take me too long to think of one. Khrysos. I read and adored Mythology. Greek, Norse, Roman, Hindu, Mongolian…etc.. you get the drift. I could have chosen from a plethora of Greek Gods but this one stood out in my head… Chrysos: Greek, aka Khrysos (Gold) is a child of Zeus. “Neither moth nor rust devoureth it; but the mind of man is devoured by this supreme possession.”

I believe that photos are as valuable if not more valuable than any gold piece. Your memories are priceless. A photo of a captured memory, a wedding, a birth, a death, a smile, a sky.. all these have a personal value that can’t be bought.

My Photography is  to capture moments. To make you feel good, makes me feel good.