Welcome to Stockholm PRIDE!

On August 2nd I got up early and prepared myself for a lovely day and a great Parade!

I have been attending for almost all the years I have lived in Stockholm and it seems the Parade, participants and On lookers increase in number every year. There are celebrations the whole week and ends with a festive Parade.
STOCKHOLM PRIDE’S  goal is to strengthen and make aware the rights of LBGT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender). It is a festival blending, politics, culture and awareness in a party atmosphere and this year was no different.

This year, not only did I watch, I got to participate in the march when yanked into the U.S Embassy group as they went by! What a great feeling!!!

I have stood in many different places to view the Parade. Kungsträdgården, Near the Castle, Slussen etc and none topped the spot I was in for this Parade!
No, I’m not sharing… 🙂
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