Roy Fares “DELICIOUS” Book Release Party!

When I first met Roy Fares, it was under very sensitive circumstances. A friend’s memorial service.. From that time on, we have been friends.
Roy Fares (Sweden’s Best Pastry Chef of 2010) is a Sweet Dynamo of energy and talent!  He would have to be since he has just released his THIRD cook book, called “DELICIOUS


The first, ‘Sweet by Roy Fares‘ in 2012, was our welcoming introduction to Roy’s simple yet tasty treats. After several visits to the U.S.A., he was inspired to complete a second book in 2013 called ‘The United States of Cakes‘. Traditional American desserts that Roy chose to put his own delectable spin on, to take your taste buds to a whole new level.

Now, Roy brings us yet another savoury book.

In ‘DELICIOUS‘, he focuses on seasonal Fall and Winter fruits like apples, pears and nuts. He also takes some baking inspiration from America and gives it the Roy Fares ‘lift’  with his own signature touches. He embraces the holidays too, and creates many delectable cookies, cakes and pies for the holiday season and to have with a nice cup of hot chocolate, curled up in your favourite chair.


Roy’s DELICIOUS Release Party was held at the very elegant and laid back  Miss Clara Hotel. I got there and was greeted by Roy who was outside at the time. He looked handsome as usual.  I didn’t go right in. He asked why and I told him I was waiting for my plus one.  Only minutes later my friend Kendra arrived.

20140908_019 (2)Our names were checked off the list and we walked in to the high energy and pleasant atmosphere. Champagne, cocktail hors d’oeuvres, wine, pastries, cider and of course “DELICIOUS” were up for grabs. Everyone taking a DELICIOUS  copy to browse and have signed. The place was  filled with well wishers, family, acquaintances and friends. Roy was his usual cool self, greeting everyone, working the room and having a laugh or a selfie.


Roy was born in Lebanon in 1984 – the youngest of three children. In 1990, during the Syrian war, his parents moved the family to Örebro, Sweden – for a safer and more prosperous life.

In his Bio on his website he writes, “I have always admired my Mom and Dad for their brave decision. I sometimes wonder what I would have done if we stayed, and how my life would have been like today.”

Roy has worked hard and has come very far in his career. His determination and continued rising success is an indicator that he is certainly on the move and has so much more to look forward to in his life and his career!  CHEERS ROY!

To learn more about Roy Fares, check out his site By Roy Fares , Facebook: Sweets by Roy Fares

Photos in Slideshow taken by Photographer: Kate Gabor