Catchin’ the Wave with HELA SVERIGE BAKAR!

I am sure most of you didn’t know that I LOVE to bake. I usually bake something at least once a week.
Well, with the recommendation of a good friend and reaching the Final Audition, I will be one of 12 Contestants on a Swedish TV show called  “Hela Sverige Bakar”.
It’s in the same vein as “All Britain Bakes”  and “The Great American Bake Off”,
It’s Premier is Thursday September 10th at 9pm on TV 7.


Johan Sörberg, Tilde de Paula, and Birgitta Rasmusson. Photo by: Andreas Lundberg

The Contestants bake within certain categories. There are two Judges who are masters at the craft of baking, Johan Sörberg and Birgitta Rasmusson. The show is hosted by the lovely Tilde de Paula(center).

2015-06-11 17.43.40

Kristina, Madeleine, Fredrik, Moa and Peter catching some rays in the lovely, sunny weather!

The experience was unimaginable. The warmest side of it all was meeting the other contestants. None of us are Professional Bakers, nor have we gone to school. We do this for our own personal love and goals. We all became friends rather quickly and have stayed connected even after the cameras were turned off!


It was a great adventure for all of us. We laughed and joked as if we’d known eachother much longer than the time we were together.

2015-06-11 17.45.39

Fredrik and Peter! Always joking! Loving the shirts guys! Yes Ladies! They bake and one of them is a Fireman!

2015-09-01 21.33.22

Emelie. Such a talented young lady!


Madeleine, Fredrik, Kristina, Lars, Peter, Moa, and Marita. Such a fun and caring group!



2015-09-01 20.41.16

Anna, My, and Linus at Urban Deli. We had a great time!




Lars, Germaine, Fredrik, Moa, Marita, Peter, Linus and Madeleine at TV4 Screening at Hotel Rival!





Most photos of us are all from blogs, articles and the show.
This is to show you a side that is not always seen on camera or articles.
All of us have lives OUTSIDE our kitchens. We are Teachers, Cooks, Artists, Entreprenörs, Homemakers, Fashionistas, Nurses, Students, Firemen, Career minded people who just love to bake and have fun doing it!

The talent in these bakers ooze out like buttercream frosting. Sometimes making the most difficult desserts seem as easy as making a Meringue pie!

You want proof? Please go to MY+SWEET  for links to our blogs, Instagrams, Youtubes and Facebook pages! You will be pleasantly surprised by the awe inspring and jaw dropping cakes and sweets prepared by us!

Tune In to the premier episode of  “Hela Sverige Bakar” , this  Thursday September 10th at 9pm on TV7 or catch it on TV4Play!





Featured Photo by: Andreas Lundberg