America! Welcome to Sweden!

I am sure you have heard that before. well, maybe not, but this time it really means just that!

Welcome to Sweden” received wonderful praise and was ultimately picked up by NBC and is premièring TONIGHT on their Thursday evening line-up!  SWEET!


Welcome to Sweden is a romantic comedy that Sweden was first introduced to earlier this year. I attended Premier Night and was truly blown away!

It was created by my friend and fellow Expat Greg Poehler and Executive Produced by  Amy Poehler, his sister.

Greg began this journey 2 years ago. He wrote the first episode in his attic on a snowy day. He dreamt big that day and he is amazed and humbled that the reality has truly exceeded his dreams.

It is loosely based on Greg’s own life. He’s a well educated man who fell in love with his girlfriend (now wife) and moved to Sweden.  Sounds simple right? Hmm…

This is truly a loosely-based autobiography for all of us American Expats in Sweden. I am sure that most of us identified clearly with all the scenarios.

The LA Times says, “Welcome to Sweden is the best thing to happen to broadcast-network comedy since “Modern Family.” Sweet, smart and quickly addictive, it’s a classic cross-cultural romantic comedy with top notes of satire, but a brave and true heart.”

Monsters & Critics say, “Bottom line:Welcome to Sweden’ is absolutely NOTHING like any network comedy you have watched. And this is a good thing. Fresh, quirky, truly funny and endearing, the cast and the familiar fish out of water premise is taken to Nordic extremes and dressed with some of Sweden’s best actors – Lena Olin, Josephine Bornebusch, Claes Månsson, Per Svensson, Christopher Wagelin – in the main cast, all of whom effortlessly deliver lines in Swedish and English, with occasional sub-titles easy to read to see the quips they are doling out as their daughter’s boyfriend from America (Greg Poehler) is exasperating them at almost every turn with his big goofy Yankee two left feet and penchant to overdress for the sauna.”

The New York Post says, “Welcome to Sweden” is a charming new entry into the genre, and after watching the first two episodes I’ll be coming back for more.”

Now, this is a chance for the U.S.A. to see just a little slice of Swedish life through the eyes of “Bruce”.  There are also cameo appearances by Will Ferrell, Gene Simmons, Patrick Duffy and Illeana Douglas to name a few..


Josephine (Emma) Bornebush and Greg (Bruce) Poehler


Welcome to Sweden

Please don’t expect any slap-stick jokes. He reserves that for his stand-up routine. Check out the Youtube below!
What you will get are great laughs, beautiful scenery, wonderful story lines and an honest to goodness look at the changes and sacrifices one makes for love.

So TONIGHT, get yourself a comfy seat on the sofa and watch, Welcome to Sweden“... Yes friends.. I live in Sweden… not Switzerland.

” This clip is Rated PG-13″

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