Welcome to Khrysos Photography

Hi and Welcome!
This is my first venture into Websites and Blogs and I must say it is quite daunting at times but I seem to be muddling through it all quite well so far. This will be a place where I will share some of my adventures and lots of my photos, like this one!

This is to also thanks Lola Akimnade Åkerström of  Geotraveler Media.com for helping me dive head first into my love for Photography and Travel and Food.


I remember our conversation some time ago when we first started to talk of me creating a website:

“*Lola: You take great photos? Do you do it professionally?

**Me:  Well, I have been published three times. An Author’s book portrait, newspaper article and a Science magazine.

*Lola: Germaine, (she says with a small smirk and a twinkling eye) you are a Professional Published Photographer my friend. Do not call yourself anything less than that.”

Everyone needs a ” Lola” In their lives!

Please enjoy this adventure with me.

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